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A search for "Phineas Gage" on Google Books returns 756 results. Most are books and journals on neuroscience, psychology, and brain injury that include a mention of Gage, or at most a chapter about him, but there are two books about Gage that we have read and recommend.

phineas gageAn Odd Kind of Fame: Stories of Phineas Gage by Malcolm Macmillan, The MIT Press 2002 - This is the definitive book on Phineas Gage. It is an excellent, highly detailed book. It includes facsimiles of Gage's doctor, Dr .Harlow's 1848 and 1868 reports. If you are serious about studying Gage this is a book you must read.

The 2002 paperback as well as the out-of-print hardbound are available on


phineas gagePhineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story About Brain Science by John Fleischman, Sandpiper, 2004 - This is a book on Gage that was written for children. We, however, enjoyed reading it and feel it is an excellent introduction to his story.

It is available on has a page on the book and a biography of Fleischman.

Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
Volume 18, Number 3
340-345 - Face to Face with Phineas Gage, an article we wrote on our discovery of the Gage daguerreotype will be published in August 2009

The Daguerreian Society Newsletter - Phineas Gage - Hiding in Plain Sight, the cover story we wrote

Smithsonian Magazine January 2010 - Phineas Gage: Neuroscience's Most Famous Patient

A Selection of Internet Links

Type "Phineas Gage" into the Google search box and as many as 70,000 to 80,000 results will be found. There is no need for us to supply a long list since you can search for yourself. What we present here are a few of the sites that we found especially helpful when we began our search. We will add additional links from time to time.

Wikipedia page on Phineas Gage: A good starting point for information with notes and links

Deakin University Phineas Gage Information site: A multi-page site maintained by Malcolm Macmillan, now of the School of Behavioural Sciences, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Warren Anatomical Museum, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School exhibits the Phineas Gage's life mask, skull and tamping iron, along with many other fascinating medical objects.

BBC Radio 4 Case Study on Phineas Gage was broadcast in May 2008. This linked site has an audio of the full program. It was our introduction to the delightful song about Gage by Banjo Dan.

Phineas P. Gage, The Person is a multi-page web site with information and photographs about Cavendish, the accident site, and the routine of railroad work at the time.

An amazing video, The Tale of Phineas Gage, Digitally Remastered, by Ratiu and Talos shows the passage of the tamping iron though the skull of Gage.

If you are not familiar with the daguerreotype process check out the web site of the the Daguerreian Society.