D. A. Woodward, Photographic Educator and Inventor
A Collection of Collections: Peek into the minds of two compulsive collectors
Magic Mirror of Life:
An Appreciation of the
camera obscura

**January 2017**
This is a link photograph of Phineas Gage which has been donated to the Warren Museum at Harvard University.

This web site is a celebration of a 40 year collaboration in art, photography, web design, and collecting we call Bright Bytes Studio. On this site we will share some of our collections and interests; camera obscuras, the history of photography, stereo photography, character cameras, computers, mysteries, postcards, optical toys, toaster collectibles, photographica, Eugen Sandow and other strongmen/women and more.

Meet Jack and Beverly

A new site was added on 8/23/07 called Not to Scale to show Jack's series of "found exaggerations" from an ongoing project.