D. A. Woodward, Photographic Educator and Inventor
A Collection of Collections: Peek into the minds of two compulsive collectors
Magic Mirror of Life:
An Appreciation of the
camera obscura

**July 2009**
This is a link to our newly identified photograph of Phineas Gage.

This web site is a celebration of a 40 year collaboration in art, photography, web design, and collecting we call Bright Bytes Studio. On this site we will share some of our collections and interests; camera obscuras, the history of photography, stereo photography, character cameras, computers, mysteries, postcards, optical toys, toaster collectibles, photographica, Eugen Sandow and other strongmen/women and more.

Visit our sister Beth's web site to see her large collector of wall pockets, as well as aquarium furniture, chintz china, bears, nursing and apple collectibles

Meet Jack and Beverly

Visit the Bright Bytes Studio Web Design page for links to some of the web sites we have designed for individuals and organization.

We offer a custom service of high resolution images from our collection of 19th and early 20th century photographs and prints at The Past Tense of Picture.

A new site was added on 8/23/07 called Not to Scale to show Jack's series of "found exaggerations" from an ongoing project.