**July 2009** Use this link to view our newly identified daguerreotype of Phineas Gage!

Welcome to our Collection of Collections. "What do you collect?", you ask. Visit the six sections of this web site and you will see the major (but by no means the only) areas of our collections. We struggle constantly NOT to start another collection. It must be something in the genes. Beverly comes from a family where everyone had a collection and Jack had a Grandmother who collected china but trashed all his prized childhood collections. In the 40+ years we have been married it has happened over and over. We get one item that interests us ...then another...then another...well you get the idea. Maybe we should join "Collectors Anonymous"? .....Naaaa!

Click on an area of the phrenology head and see a selection of our collections or visit the Site Map for a more complete directory. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Meet Jack and Beverly and meet our dog Lacy as well.)

**NOTE** All items on this web site are from our private collection. NONE are for sale. Please feel free to write us if you want to chat or share information about areas we collect but we are not dealers and will NOT give appraisals.

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