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Why toaster collectibles? Several years ago we got a NewTek Video Toaster board for our Amiga. We loved it and became great fans of the company and the board! In a flea market we found an old salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a toaster and bought it as a joke. We took it to a computer club meeting and told the group that we had bought another toaster. To the groans of the group we pulled out the little toaster. That was to be the end of it but...we saw a different style salt and pepper in an antique show, and never looked back. We now have over 100 toasters in the form of salt and peppers, Christmas ornaments, trays, cookie jars, refrigerator magnets, children's toys, an inflatable toaster, cards, shirts and caps. We still say we do not collect real old toasters because the ones we like are expensive and they are too large to display in a house with too many collections already. The exceptions are an old flip-type toaster that we found in Beverly's Mother's garage when we packed her to move, Jack's Dualit, the Toast-O-Lator he could not resist and a Sunbeam T9 which is the prototype of several of our cookie jars/ The real toasters are pictured on page 5.

The boxed salt and pepper set above was the one that started it all. We bought it in an antique market in Pennsylvania. The box is marked "Starke Design" and the toaster "Patent Pending Made in USA". This style and variations must have been made in the millions. We see it most often while searching antique shops and markets. Several of them turn up every week on the internet auction site we frequent. If one of us spots it we will say, "Oh they only have that toaster."

The picture below shows on of several shelves Jack built over the doors in the kitchen. From left to right are a humidor, a canvas cross stitch coaster set, a tweety measuring spoon set, a cookie jar, scouring pad holder, soft toy of a slice of toast that reverses to a toaster, and a toaster with toast shaped message paper that pops up.

Because we want to share a lot of pictures we have broken the page into five parts to help with loading time. Click here to see more items from our collection:
Toaster Collectibles, Page 2 - Toy toasters
Toaster Collectibles, Page 3 - Kitchenware toasters (Cookie Jars, S&Ps, Tea Pots)
Toaster Collectibles, Page 4 - Miscellaneous toaster collectibles
Toaster Collectibles, Page 5 - Real toasters

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