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**July 2009** This is a link to our newly identified photograph of Phineas Gage.

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Flint the Mesmerist

Post Mortem & Memorial Photographs: pages 1, 2, 3, 4
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*New 11/2007*
Clockwork Tableau of a Photographer
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Mystery Collection Sherlock Holmes Collection
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Toaster Collectibles Pages 1 through 5

Strongman & Strongwoman Collectibles Eugen Sandow
Other Strongmen


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Visit other sties designed by Bright Bytes Studio.

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Bright Bytes Studio Web Design
Beverly's web design and graphics

The Past Tense of Picture
Custom images from our collection

The Magic Mirror of Life:
An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura: the history and development of the camera obscura and visits to working camera obscuras.

D.A. Woodward:
Photographic Educator and Inventor

NOT TO SCALE: Finding Fantasy on the Roadside:
A selection of "found exaggerations" by Jack Wilgus

Beth's Wall Pockets and Beth's Other Collections:
Web sites we maintain for our sister to share her wall pockets, aquarium ornaments, nursing collectibles, refrigerator magnets, chintz china, and other collections.
Maryland Photographic Society:
A site we maintain for a group of photographic collectors in the Chesapeake Bay area
Dale L. Perry, Ph.D., FRSC (London):
A site we designed for a chemist of note.

Laura Denardo Photography
A site we designed for a fine art photographer.

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