Figures of Photographers

Also see: Hummels and “Hummel-like” Figures of Photographers

Among our most treasured figures is the two part John Rogers group of photographer and mother/child subject from 1878. We looked for years, asking any dealer we saw in a shop or antique show with even one Rogers group for sale. Twenty years after we put our name on a "want list" at an antique show we got a call from the son of the dealer who had inherited the list. We drove from Baltimore to New York City to pick it up because Jack did not want to risk shipping.

The photographer is about 19 inches tall and both he and mother and child subject group are in excellent condition. In the 19th century they would have sat on either end of a mantel but we have placed them on an antique table on a small oriental carpet we bought just for them.

Another very special figure is the majolica match holder of a black man with a camera shown above.

On the left is a porcelain birthday angel candle holder marked September Angel.

A Recent Acquisition

This boy and girl porcelain is about 3 inches high. The boy points a gold bellows camera at a girl in a red cap and a gold rabbit on a stand. They are unmarked except for a number but appear to be 19th or very early 20th century. The gold and green paint have some wear but the small size is really charming.


Mechanical toys, both windup and battery operated, of photographers are fun.

This charming porcelain figure with a tripod camera is not marked. The photographer wears knee britches but has a very feminine face. Is this an early feminist?

The Kewpie below wears black rim glasses and sits behind a small view camera on a tripod. We were told that it was made in Germany in the 1920s but it is not marked.

The battery operated car shown above has wonderful action. When it is started the headlights glow, the boy turns the steering wheel as he drives then the car stops and the girl raises the camera and it flashes. We have it in both red and blue (shown above in the right corner) with a girl with short black hair as well as a girl with long red hair.

On the right is a bisque frog standing beside an egg with a hand held bellows camera. What does this mean? Don't ask us. It is rather strange but charming. The dealer who sold it to us is sure it is German from early in the 20th century

We have three genuine but different Hummel figures of The Photographer from different periods as well as five different "knock-off" figures based on the same design by other makers. A page featuring the Hummels and "Hummel-like" figures is now available.


On the left are two of the ubiquitous Napco Cameraman figures. We have a number in different sizes and variations. The figure on the far left is the only version with an attached planter we have seen.

On the right are three small dishes (pin trays?) The two with green cameras are vintage German ceramic. We looked for years for a nice example of the pigs with a camera then one day in a Dallas antique shop Beverly's sister said, "What animal with a camera were you looking for?" When we answered, "Pigs" she said "Too bad they just have a Teddy Bear!" We bought it in a flash and later found the pigs as well. The ivory colored dish in the foreground with a small gold pig is marked "Souvenir of Baltimore" and appears to be a knockoff of the German dish.

Other children with cameras marked Napco, Enesco or simply "made in Japan" are often described as "Hummel-like" although they are not copies of an actual Hummel design. We have about 20 of these in different sizes and styles. Above are the largest, 9 1/2 inches tall, and one of the smallest, 5 inches tall.

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