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We do not have a large collection of magic lanterns even though they are so varied and interesting that they can be a lifetime obsession. A few magic lanterns were added to our optical toy collection because they fit a niche in the branch of the development of photography that became the projected and moving image.

The top row shows two toys that are typical of the the those produced by Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The lantern on the left has a slide holder for both round and rectangular slides. A bearded man holds up the lens. The lantern on the right is shown with its box. The graphic of the family watching father project a slide of a volcano eruption is a treasure in itself. Both use small oil burners for illumination although some magic lanterns were lighted with candles. Can you imagine a modern child's toy that involved flammable liquid and an open flame!

Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern
The two lanterns below are larger and less toy-like. On the left is a McAllister lantern of the1890s. It was advertised as being suitable for school rooms and small lodge halls. The magic lantern on the right is transitional between oil burners and electricity. The opening for the chimney has been closed and a fitting for an electric light installed. It still has an original bulb tipped with a point on the top. We do not trust the old twisted electric cord enough to test it.
Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern
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