The Phenakistoscope

Like the zoetrope this toy uses a series of images viewed though slits to create the animation. It differs from it because the images and slits are on rotating disks rather than in a drum. If the picture disk and disk with slits are back to back it is held in front of a mirror and the images are viewed in the mirror through the slits. The 19th century set on the right below is of this type. A variation, sometimes called a stroboscope, mounts the picture disk and the disk with slits separated on a spindle so that the pictures are viewed directly through the slits.

On the left below is is an early 20th century "Motion Picture Show" or "Ludoscope" which came in its box with a set of disks.


In our collection we have several viewers that work in conjunction with a record player. On the left is a "Gramophone Cinema" that can only date from the 1920s. An illustrated disk site on the top of a record and a disk with slots rides on a wooden spindle with rollers over it. As the record turns the animation can be seen through the slits. The cards include Felix the Cat and a Charlie Chaplanesk tramp.
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