Peepshow Changing Views

Our toy Polyrama Panoptique diorama includes twelve views. We also have two views used in a smaller Polyrama Panoptique, a small round changing view, and a wonderful Spooner view. The Spooner's Protean View of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius is seen below. Below it is a larger view of the label.

Although a day/night effect is most common, some changing views show an entirely different view when backlit, as is illustrated by the view from a smaller size diorama on the right. A view of the Champs Elysé by day becomes something very different when backlit!
On the left is a view from our Polyrama Panoptique of the interior of a large church. The view changes from day to night as the candles are lighted and the pews fill with people. This sounds much like description of one of Daguerre's Diorama programs.
Small handheld peepshows were made in the form of a truncated cone. We have not been lucky enough to find one of these but we do have the round view shown on the left of a day/night street scene.
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