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optical toys

We love optical and motion toys. These toys, once called philosophical toys, have an important place in the history and development of photography and cinema but they are also fun!. We have several examples of the magic lantern, Zoetrope (wheel of life), and Praxinoscope, as well as a Phenakistoscope, a Polyrama Panoptique, a Kinora, Mutoscope, and flip books. On the left is a arrangement of a few of the toys that you will find on the linked pages.

Optical Toys in our collection
Persistence of Vision Toys
- The Thaumatrope
- The Zoetrope
- The Praxinoscope
- The Phenakistoscope
- Flip Books
Our Peepshow Toys
- Diorama Prints
- Peepshow Changing Views
- Peepshow images
Our Zograscope Viewer
Our Magic Lanterns
- Magic Lantern Graphics
- Magic Lantern Slides


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