Trade Cards with Photographic Subjects

In the 19th and early 20th century products were advertised with small, chromolithograph cards. These were collected and often saved in albums. Some were specifically made for a product such as the Liebig Extract of Meat card in the second row. Many were generic with the product or service being advertised printed on the back or face. The second and third card in the first row are examples as they advertise a photographic studio and chocolate. In many cases the same generic card can be found advertising a number of different products.

We have collected cards showing photographers over the years and are delighted that we continue to find new examples. The first card below is a real puzzle since it shows a photographer in a powdered wig and 18th century dress with a view camera and chemical bottles. Excuse us but our history tells us that photography was introduced in the 19th century!

Since we have so many great cards to share we will add additional pages so check back soon.

Images of Photographers
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