Sheet Music with Photographic Themes

Popular music has always reflected popular culture so it is no surprise that sheet music can be found with photographic themes. Five examples from our collection are shown here. We also have others including The Snap Shot Man, I Wish I Had a Photograph of That, and The New Photographee. We will add more examples as time goes on. Our cousin, a talented musician, has recorded some of the songs for us. If we can master the logistic of posting sound files we will add some of them to the site.

On the right is The Gay Photographer (which we take to mean carefree) is an 1870 English "comic" song by George Grossmith Jr. about a photographer. He broke the heart of a young lady named Miss Jenkins so she drank his chemicals and died. Not a very amusing plot! The cover art is especially interesting because it shows the studio with camera and skylight and the interior of the darkroom.


Below is the 1902 sheet music, The Kodak Girl, a March and Two-Step composed by William T. Cramer and dedicated to the Eastman Kodak Company. A cut in illustration shows an early version of the "Kodak Girl" who was an important part of Kodak advertising for over a hundred years.


The Focus by Harry J. Lincoln features a cupid standing on a stack of hearts with a folding plate camera on a tripod. Like The Kodak Girl it is a March and Two-Step. It was published by the Vandersloot Music company of Willamsport, Pennsylvania in 1908.

The Photo Shop A Musical Comedy In One Act sheet music below carries a copyright of 1910. The featured song is "I Want You in the Picture". It was published by M. Witmark & Sons. The music was by Karl L. Hoschna, lyrics by Otto A Hauerbach, and book by Edward Clark. It would be interesting to learn if the plot of the comedy had any photographic connection.


In When I Send You A Picture Of Berlin is a World War I soldier, Johnny Johnson - camera fiend, tells his sweetheart that when he sends her a photograph from London she will know he is "over there" but when he sends her a picture of Berlin she will know it is "over over there" and he is coming home. I wonder if the soldiers in WWI were allowed to take along large folding hand cameras.

It was published by Harry Von Tilzer in 1918.

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