As photographers we have always been interested in cameras but the kind of cameras we like best are real cameras in the shape of something else. In addition to the cameras pictured here we also have working cameras in the shape of additional characters, a tire, beverage and food packages, and a radio. We plan to do a photographic project someday with these cameras.

Our most recent character camera acquisition is the TAZ head Polaroid camera from the 1990s pictured above. The jaws open to expose the lens and the picture comes out the chin!

It is extra special to us because it came from the collection of a photographer friend of ours who passed away this Spring.

In the center are Charley Tuna, Snoopy, Yogi Bear, and Bugs Bunny cameras.

One the right are a Donald Duck camera, Fred Flintstone, one of our Mickey Mouse cameras, the Chipmunks, and Colonel Sanders.



Below is the Pizza Inn Man. His nose is removable and is the lens cover.

Pizza Inn Man camera

This boxed Kookie Kamera would be fun to use if the special paper and chemicals were still available. This is one of those toys that would never make it past the "safety police" in today's market.

Kookie Kamera box

We bought this Mickey Mouse Camera new in a discount toy store in the 1970s or 80s. We showed it to another collector who shouted, "This is the early model with the movable ear shutter release!" We had no idea that it was special. He rushed out to the store and checked out every box and found they all were the later and more common model with a shutter release lever on the side of the head.

Secret Sam's Spy camera

This Secret Sam Spy Dictionary camera is part of a complete boxed set of "spy" toys that we found in a flea market.

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