Kodak Advertising Signs

We have collected a number of exterior and interior store signs in metal, fabric, paper, and plastic. Over the years we have passed by a number of wonderful Kodak signs because of cost or because we were too far from home. We still talk about a beautiful glass and metal sign we found in London's Camden Passage. The cost was very reasonable but there was no hope of getting such a large and fragile item back to the US.

Our most recent acquisition is the two-sided copper and glass sign on the right. It is around 12" X 30". The typography and construction place it c.1910. The metal frame shows some corrosion but the gold leaf on the reverse-painted embossed letters on glass is perfect on both sides.


Below are two two-sided metal Kodak signs in our collection. They hung outside of photo stores in two different countries in two different eras. The sign on the left is 30"X25" enameled metal . It advertised "Kodaks" and Verichrome film outside a French shop. The deco style suggests that the dealer was correct when he placed it in the 1930s. It is in very good condition with only a few light rust spots on the edges.

On the right is a later two-sided enameled metal sign that measures 20"X23". We have seen this sign outside photo stores today. A study of changes in type style for the Kodak logo could date with more certainty when it was introduced.

The 12"X24" sign below is molded plastic in a metal frame. It is backlit with fluorescent lights and hung in a photo store interior.


We have several fabric banners with eyelets for hanging. Below is a 29" long banner for Kodak Color Film. Below it is a 53 1/2" fabric banner for Kodak Verichrome film.


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