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Our favorite strongman is Eugen Sandow (his name is sometimes Anglicized as Eugene Sandow), the 19th century prototype strongman and body builder. We have cabinet cards, postcards and other photographic prints, books, a stretcher and spring style weights with posters showing their use.

The still life above includes two of our Sandow cabinet cards, one of our bound Sandow Magazines from 1904-06, a pair of Sandow spring dumbbells, and other items from our collections.

We have an 1894 book on Sandow's System of Physical Training that is illustrated with many pictures of Sandow lifting weights and demonstrating his body building techniques. We also have two bound issues of the Sandow magazine from 1906.

Our collection includes a number of cabinet size (6 1/2 X 4 1/4 inches) photographs of Eugen Sandow. This was a standard style of portrait in the late 19th century. Our portraits are by some of the preeminent theatrical photographers of the period such as Sarony and Falk.
Eugene Sandow
In the early 1900s photo postcards of celebrities like Sandow were very popular. Below are a four of our real-photo postcards.

Strongwoman Charmion

Above is a contact print of a 35mm movie film strip of Sandow taken in Edison's Laboratory in 1890-91.

This is an unmounted brown toned photograph of Sandow flexing his arm.

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Contact us at studio@brightbytes.com

Contact us at studio@brightbytes.com

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