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This page shows a small selection of our Sherlock Holmes material. It is one of the first pages we posted and has not been updated for over five years. A page with more and better quality photographs is being prepared. Please visit again.

On the right is a selection of our Holmes material in a still life arrangement including one of five deerstalker hats, a calabash pipe, Holmes pillow, nesting dolls, and several figures.



On the right is a Royal Doulton Holmes jug. We have several different jugs as well as Holmes tea pots, Christmas ornaments, figures, dolls, thimbles, etc.

This oversize postcard shows the wonderful Sherlock Holmes room, now gone, that was on the top floor of the Holiday Inn in San Francisco for several years.

We make a point to visit any Sherlock Holmes connected establishment when we travel.


We enjoy collectibles that relate to the Holmes stories such as the Holmes and Watson salt and pepper shakers at the left that we bought at the Baker Street Holmes museum in London.

We have several variations of the Sherlock Holmes cigar box label above.

On the left is a selection of toys in Holmes dress; Snoopy, Wishbone, a Troll, and two sizes of Sherlock Hemlock.



The doll on the below is a Peggy Nisbet Sherlock Holmes that we bought in Bath, England.

On the left are Holmes and Watson Glass Christmas ornaments.



Irene Adler



The five cards on the left are from a 1923 set of 25 cards for "TURF" Cigarettes. We looked for years before finding a complete set of original cards at a stall in Portabello Road on our 1996 trip to England.


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Please feel free to write us if you want to chat or share information about areas we collect but we will NOT give appraisals.

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