Images with Special Subjects

Spirit Photography

Since the 19th century photography has been used to "prove" the existence of ghosts and spirits. Judge for yourself.

Memento Mori Photography and Loss

*New Section 7/2005

Some of our post-mortem and memorial photographs

Special People

In a less sensitive era these people were called "freaks". They were the staple of sideshows and "dime museums" like P.T. Barnum's.

All Dressed Up
Photographs in Costume

People often dress in their best clothes to be photographed but these photographs show people in some unusual costumes.


Point of View

Most portraits are made with the subject facing the camera but this group of photographs show exceptions to that convention.

*Flint the Mesmerist
One Special Photograph

The internet search for understanding of one special photograph.

* Updated 7/2005


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