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Sherlock Holmes Collectibles

Hard Boiled Detective Collectibles

Jack has been interested in Sherlock Holmes since childhood. Over the years he has collected many books on the subject as well as costumes, toys, Toby jugs, figures, and souvenirs from the numerous bars and restaurants named for Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Moriarty. Click here to visit a page that is dedicated to our Sherlock Holmes collectibles. A more recent interest is in hard boiled detectives. Jack now collects books as well as objects that relate to Hammett and Chandler. He likes to think that the Maltese Falcon figure he has might be the real one under the black paint! Click here to visit a page that is dedicated to our hard boiled detective collectibles.

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**NOTE** All items on the Collection of Collections web site are in our private collection and are NOT for sale. From time to time duplicate items from our collection will be offered for sale in the Do You Remember This? shop on the GoAntiques cyber mall. Visit the Do You Remember This? inventory page for photographica and toaster related collectibles.

Please feel free to write us if you want to chat or share information about areas we collect but we will NOT give appraisals.

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