We collect two kinds of postcards: Photographic Subjects and "Exaggerations"

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Rabbit photographer postcard

Postcards from the turn of the last century through today often show subjects with cameras. Both real photographs and graphic dedications can be found. Adults, children, and even animals use and pose for cameras. Holidays and vacations, still events when many pictures are taken, are often subjects.

These images are fun but they are also a window on the the place of photography and the photographer in society.

Picturing oversize animals, insects, fruits and vegetables, these cards show show that photo manipulation did not start with the computer. Popular in the early years of the 20th century these postcards were most often made by cutting, pasting, retouching, and rephotographing but were sometimes made by combining objects or models of different sizes.

The postcard above shows a Jackalope, a popular subject of exaggerated postcards.

We also make computer images that are inspired by the old postcards. Shown here is a Duralope at Ladew Gardens in Monkton, Maryland (so called for its resemblance to Albrecht Durer's painting of a rabbit) the east coast relative of the Jackalope.

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