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We DO NOT collect real working toasters because the ones we like are expensive and they are too large to display in a house with too many collections already. There are however a few exceptions. We found an old flipover-type toaster in my Mother's garage when we packed her to move. When Jack selected his gift for our 30th anniversary he chose a four-slice English Dualit toaster, called the Rolls Royce of toasters. We use it to make our breakfast toast. After Jack saw a Toast-O-Lator walk the bread through he thought it was too neat to pass up. We have also been given a beautiful deco-style toaster by a friend, and Jack finally found a Sunbeam T9 that he had been longing for. But as the real toaster collection grows we still say, "We DO NOT collect real toasters!"

Note: If you have questions about the value, history, or repair of old toasters we are NOT the best people to contact. We know very little about them. Check out the great web site for the Toaster Foundation: www.toaster.org for information on real toasters.

This is the "flip over" type toaster we found in my Mother's garage. We believe it dates from the 1930s.

Jack's favorite toaster is the English Dualit. It is a new toaster but its styling is very "retro".

The Toast-O-Lator "walks" the bread on a conveyer belt through a slot in the center.

The rounded shape and "jewel" light make the Sunbeam T9 a beautiful toaster. It was made from the 1930s to the 40s.

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