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It is not surprising that many toaster collectibles are things intended for use in the kitchen. Our collection includes: cookie jars, salt and peppers, coasters, timers, plates, cups, and bowls, towels, pot holders, and more
Cookie Jars - We have 8 toaster shaped cookie jars in our collection. A yellow jar is pictured on the shelf on page 1.
This Clay Art jar with smiling faces on the toaster and toast lid has two sets of companion salt and peppers. This Department 57 cookie jar was the first toaster cookie jar we found. We are not aware of any salt and pepper shakers that are related. Below is a Vandor cookie jar in a rounded style with a shiny silver glaze and a jewel "eye". It is based on the Sunbeam T9. Jack loves the "deco" style of this and a T9 is one of the very few real toasters we have collected. (see page 5) A salt and pepper set by Vandor with the same glaze is pictured below. This is a recently acquired cookie jar in gray and blue. It does not look like any real toaster we have seen.

Salt and Pepper Shakers - Our first toaster collectible was the salt and pepper set on the first page. We now have more than 50 sets and continue to add more of them than any other kind variety of collectible.

We look for variations on a toaster theme. Above are a few of our salt and peppers that demonstrate how the same toaster base can be changed with color and decoration.

The top two shelves hold a variety that is very much like the "first" set. Some are marked "Tucker", some "Irwin" and some only "Made in USA" We have about 10 of these and know there are more out there. The bottom row of square toasters are available in both plastic and metal and often carry logos and place names.

The individual sets on the right are examples of the range of styles. The Kenmore advertising set at the upper left corner was our first purchase (but by no means our last) on the eBay auction site.

Toaster Teapots

Giving a new meaning to tea and toast we have five toaster shaped teapots and one rather strange used tea bag holder.

Top left are three tea pots that include a small blue pot only 3 3/4" high that would not make a very big cup of tea as well as a blue and pink and all white version. Upper right is the tea bag holder. The two toasts lift out to hold the used tea bags and the bag is then dropped into the body of the toaster until ready for disposal. Lower left and right are two sizes and colors of pots from the English Teapottery. When we first found them on the internet each size was available in several colors. It was hard to resist ordering one of each.

There are other toaster teapots that we have seen in pictures but have not yet found.

More kitchenware items will be added in the future.

Because we want to share a lot of pictures we have broken the pages into five parts to help with loading time. Click here to see more items from our collection:
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**NOTE** All items on the Collection of Collections web site are in our private collection and are NOT for sale. From time to time duplicate items from our collection will be offered for sale in the Do You Remember This? shop on the GoAntiques cyber mall. Visit the Do You Remember This? inventory page for photographica and toaster related collectibles.

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