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The range of items made in shape of toasters or decorated with images of toasters is astonishing. On this page we will feature some of the items that do not fit well into the other pages. There are so many items that could be used that they will be changed from time to time.

Even before we bought the first toaster salt and pepper as a joke, we used the After Dark screen saver of the flying toasters. When Berkley Systems released a number of promotional items with the toaster logo we began to collect them. The inflatable flying toaster shown on the right is our favorite but we also have a hat, shirts, and neckties. This toaster files over our computer table like a mascot.

It is not difficult to find greeting cards that feature toasters but we have found valentines are not common. Below are four of the eight we have collected.

Clothing items are sometimes decorated with toaster images and more examples will be added in the future.

We have several ties with toasters. One of them is the first image on the right. Somewhere out there is a tie with a Dualit toaster that we missed when our internet connection went down during the close of an eBay auction. Jack really wants that tie!

The second item on the right is a silver charm that is one of several charms we have in toaster shape. Some of them are animated.




Pictured above is one of our 5 toaster shaped Christmas ornaments. This glass ornament is by Department 56 with a pat of butter hanging off the toast.

We have a variety of magnets in the shape of toasters. The magnet at the upper left is also a timer. The strip of toaster pictures are stickers and the clipping of the advertising toaster from the movie "Volcano" is from our extensive collection of cartoons and clippings that feature toasters.

Because we want to share a lot of pictures we have broken the pages into five parts to help with loading time. Click here to see more items from our collection:
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Toaster Collectibles, Page 5 - Real toasters

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**NOTE** All items on the Collection of Collections web site are in our private collection and are NOT for sale. From time to time duplicate items from our collection will be offered for sale in the Do You Remember This? shop on the GoAntiques cyber mall. Visit the Do You Remember This? inventory page for photographica and toaster related collectibles.

Please feel free to write us if you want to chat or share information about areas we collect but we will NOT give appraisals.

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