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*On July 12, 2008 we installed our tent camera obscura at the 13th International Magic Lantern Convention in Washington DC

*In June 2008 we revisited two camera obsuras and visited one new camera obscura in California.

Information on the Camera Obscura:

What is a camera obscura? Please Start Here

Who we are and why we created this site

Frequently Asked Questions about the Camera Obscura (please read this page before sending email questions)

Links and a Bibliography References to web pages, publications, and media sightings of the camera obscura. *Updated 4/07 to add a link to the Camera Obscura/Lucida Shop on eBay, selling replica, working camera obscuras.

Guestbook Archives of our discontinued guestbook

Selections from our Collection:

In this section of the site we share graphics, photographs, and popular images of camera obscuras from our collection as well as our camera obscura instruments.

The camera obscura in the comics

Images of camera obscuras from our collection.
Images from our collection
Watercolor of a Camera Obscura *Added 4/08
The Camera Obscura at War *Added 11/07
Advertising flyer for a Camera Obscura
Trade Cards with Camera Obscuras

Lost UK Seaside Camera Obscuras
Other Lost UK Camera Obscuras

Lost US Seaside Camera Obscura
Lost US Park Camera Obscuras
Melville Garden Camera Obscura
Other Lost US Camera Obscuras

Lost European Camera Obscuras

No, it's not a camera obscura

Portable and box camera obscuras from our collection.
Wooden Camera Obscuras
Metal Camera Obscuras
Lens at the Top Cameras
Cardboard Camera Obscuras
A French Artist's Camera with supplies
Vermeer's Camera, 1934

Camera Obscura Publications



Visits to Camera Obscuras:

Map and illustrated diary our visits to US camera obscuras

** These pages include vintage images of these camera obscuras in our collection

Showings of the tents and box camera obscuras that we designed and built.

A preliminary page on our 2006 tour of Great Britain camera obscuras.

Map and illustrated diary of our 1996 trip to Great Britain camera obscuras

** These pages include vintage images of these camera obscuras in our collection

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