George Eastman House, Rochester, New York
October 21, 2000
The tent camera obscura that has been under planning for several years, had its debut at the PhotoHistory XI Symposium in Rochester, New York on October 21, 2000. This symposium is held every three years and includes a Saturday of lectures and demonstrations on the history of photography, a dinner, and an evening lecture. On Friday night, October 20 we set up the camera obscura in the beautiful garden of George Eastman House. The camera obscura was open for both the symposium attendees and visitors to Eastman House all day Saturday. We were honored to be asked to give a slide presentation on the history of the camera obscura as the evening lecture.

With the help of a terrific group of volunteers we were able to keep the camera obscura open for tours all day and still attend several of the symposium presentations. Below Beverly stands on the left with four of the volunteers. Cliff Milner, standing in the center of the group was especially dedicated and enthusiastic, spending most of the day in the camera obscura. A docent at Eastman House, he was an incredibly quick study and became a camera obscura "expert" in very short order. Among the other helpers were three RIT students, David Park, Cedric Havens, and Rebecca Alperstein, pictured below and Albert Bullwinkle, another Eastman House docent, not in the photograph.


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