Advertising flyer for a Camera Obscura in our Collection

On the left is a portion of a flyer advertising the "Improved Camera Obscura, For the instruction of Youth in the Art of Drawing & Coloring." The illustration shows a young man with a box camera obscura on a table drawing a woman sitting in a chair.

The flyer appears to date from near 1819/1820. London Magazine from 1819 is quoted and it does not mention that Benjamin West, who died in 1820, is deceased.

As often happens in our camera obscura research, the reference to Benjamin West led us to stories about his discovery of a naturally occurring camera obscura as a child.

A larger scan of the entire flyer is posted.

The text reads:

By this Instrument, persons unacquainted with Drawing, are enabled to take an exact likeness of anything they desire. By these means Mr West, the Historical painter became possessed of his splendid talents. (see London Magazine 1819)

Direction for use.
Place on the Transparent Slate a piece of tracing or fine Bath paper, then present the Instrument to the object indented to be taken, when it will be reflected on the paper, then follow the lines with a pencil and you will have a correct likeness of the view desired, if a profile or portrait place the person in a strong light till you have a clear detail of the features then follow the directions before mentioned and you will have a correct representation of the original.

NB. If placed in a position so as to reflect objects in motion it will represent a beautiful panorama of animated nature.

61 Red Lion ** Cou***of (*not able to read)
Ray, Inventor & Manufacturer, Red Lion Passage, Holborn, London
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