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-Spirit Photographs in our collection - Carte-de-visites
Carte-de-visite Spirit Photographs
-Test Spirit Photograph

The 1875 carte-de-visite below seems special enough to be shown larger than the other cdv cards on the site. The front and back of the card are enlarged from the approximately 2 1/2" by 4 1/8" size so that the text would be easy to read.The front of the card shows a seated woman holding an object (book, fan) in her hands. Over her floats a vague image of a woman looking down at two small children in her lap. This would be a fine, but not extraordinary, example of spirit photography except for the text on the reverse side. This details how a test of the spirit photographer, Jay J. Hartman, was conducted by a panel of sixteen "respectable, intelligent gentlemen" in a photography gallery he had never visited before the test, with a plate he never touched, and developed in a darkroom he did not enter. He simply rested his hand on the camera during the exposure.

Is this proof that this is indeed a real spirit photograph?

Test Spirit
Test Spirit 2
-Other Spirit Carte-de-visites

In addition to our Mumler carte-de-visites shown on page 1 and the test card above we have the 3 spirit carte-de-visites shown below.

The first two are of an unidentified couple with two spirits hovering over each of their heads. We acquired them in a modern double frame and because they are mounted on similar cards and sit in the same chair we think of them as husband and wife. There is no identifying information and no photographer's back mark on the pair.

The third cdv is of a elderly woman with the specter of a bearded man appearing beside her. The backmark shows Carl Meinerth of Newberyport, Mass. as the photographer. A credit line names him the patentee of the Mezzo-tinto Photo Process in 1867. We have found no mention of spirit photography in connection with Meinerth.

Spirit CDV 1

Spirit CDV  2
Spirit CDV  3

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