Tintype Spirit Photograph in our collection

On the right is the only example in our collection of a "hard image" spirit photograph. It is a cased tintype of a man with a ghost child hovering over his shoulder.

Like its close relative, the ambrotype, the tintype is a collodion negative. Introduced in the 1850s, the collodion emulsion is coated on a thin sheet of iron, japanned dark brown or black. The milky collodion forms the highlights and the unexposed areas show the dark backing to provide the shadows. Since the material is not tin a more accurate but less used name is ferrotype.

Tintype and ambrotype spirit photographs are extremely rare and we are thrilled to have one in our collection. The image is mounted in a sixth plate case and is slightly under 2.75 X 3.25 inches. The photographer is not identified but we are following some clues from the source of the tintype and hope to identify the family of the subject.

tintype spirit man
tintype spirit child

tintype spirit photograph

On the left are enlarged images of the faces of the man and child. Examined under magnification the man's left eye (the image is reversed since the tintype is a unique positive) has been scratched into the surface. Perhaps this was an attempt at rough and ready retouching for an eye that did not record well. The face of the child is very soft focus but has a haunting, melancholy air.

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