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-Who are they?

We have acquired a series of of postcard sized photographs that show a group of three people engaged in a range of paranormal/magic activities. The postcard on the top left shows a man with a spirit image in the background placing an object, perhaps a coil of rope, into a box. The second that shows the three with fingertips on a table, suggests the "table rapping" technique for contacting spirits. Other recently obtained photographs of the same people show them with paraphernalia for magic tricks. The two images on the second row show the woman wrapped in a bag and standing in a box. An EPS or clairvoyant experiment, perhaps? The last row shows portraits of one of the men and the woman. The dress style and photographic process place these in the 1920s or early 1930s. We have no idea who the people are or the exact activities pictured and would be glad to receive any information on them. Correspondence with other collectors of spirit photography confirm our feeling that they are likely presenting paranormal exhibitions for the stage.

Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Medium 5
Medium 6

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