Spirit Drawings by Wella & Pet Anderson * New drawing added 2/2009

In the 19th century a visit to a spirit photographer was not the only way to obtain an image of your departed loved ones. Spirit artists offered drawings and paintings of those who had passed on. Wella and Pet Anderson, a husband and wife team of spirit artists, were famous for drawings they made of the departed while in a trance.

Below is a carte de visite copy of their drawing of three brothers, children of R.C. & B.R. Trowbridge of Tully, New York. It was made in September, 1868. One can imagine how precious it must have been to a family that had lost three children.
As can be seen in the close-up below the boys hold pansies and morning glories. In the 19th century there was a "Language of Flowers" in which each flower had a meaning. The Pansy meant "You occupy my thoughts" and the Morning Glory meant "Affection". Also note that the buttons on the boys shirts are tiny stars. Perhaps they indicate they are in the heavens.
Language of Flowers
Below the picture of the boys is a notice that the image was copyrighted in 1868 by the father. This suggests to me that it may have been sold and not just a keepsake for the family. There is no photographer credited.
spirit drawing cdv

We recently obtained another Anderson spirit drawing and a companion carte-de-visit of the the living twin sister of the spirit child. The photograph of the drawing gives a date of January, 1869, a year after the Trowbridge boys sat for their portraits for the Andersons in the "Spirit Life". The spirit pictured is Lily whose spirit name is "Sunbeam." She was the daughter of L.E. & S. A. R. Waterman of Boston.

This card bears a photographer's credit for W. H. Getchell, Boston. Although the boys' card does not carry a photographer's mark it seem likely to us that it is also by Getchell. The note that copies of Lily's carte can be had for 25¢ and a 3¢ stamp give the mother's address. This reinforces our assumption that the Trowbridge boys' card was also for sale.

The card of Lily came with a companion card that is a photograph of her living twin sister Rose. It is also by Getchell and is available for 25¢ and a 3¢ stamp. One can only imagine the effect on a four year old of having her photograph sold as an adjunct to that of her dead twin sister. We have seen set of photographs of Lily and Rose in another collection in which Rose is dressed in the same dotted dress with rosebuds.

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